Bazaev Nikolay Alexandrovich Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography

Born in 1984, Moscow.
2008 – MIET graduate.
2011 – Candidate of Science Engineering.
2012-2014 – Laureate of a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation
2016-2017 – Owner of a grant of the President of the Russian Federation
Winner of international conferences in the field of biomedical engineering (Russian German Conference, 2012, 2016),
Since 2016 – Member of the European Society of Artificial Organs (ESAO)
Since 2017 – Member of the European Society of Nephrology (ERA-EDTA),
Author of 95 scientific papers, holder of 5 patents and copyright certificates.


  • Biophysical foundations of living systems
  • Hemodialysis Systems
  • Modeling of physiological processes

Scientific activity

The author of three study guides.

  • Participation in research and development since 2008.

  • Work in the field of artificial blood purification since 2008.

  • Development of the hemodialysis apparatus “RENART 200” and its clinical trials.

  • Development of a wearable artificial kidney apparatus.

  •  Work in the field of mathematical modeling, development of algorithms for the functioning of electronic devices, preparation and conduct of research and testing.

  • Creation of a non-invasive device for determining the concentration of glucose in the blood, and an insulin pump.

  • Development of electronic control systems for biotechnological objects.