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Department (Institute) of Economics, Management and Law

E-mail: egdek@miee.ru

Dean – Alexander I. Pirogov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

MIET is training Specialists, Bachelors and Masters in economics since 1992 and in law since 2002 at its Institute of Economics, Management and Law.

The department includes the following chairs:

- Russian History, State and Law

- Marketing and Project Management

- Law

- Philosophy and Sociology

- Economics and Management

- Economic Theory and Finance

The department offers Bachelor’s degrees in:

- Management. Qualification of a Manager allows the graduate to work in the fields of planning, financing, audit, investments as well as in human resource management.

After their third year of study the students may start their second higher education in law, linguistics or economics.

For those, who have already got their degree, the department offers second higher education opportunities in all of the above mentioned fields.

After getting a Bachelor’s degree one may choose to get a Master’s degree in:

- Financial Management
- Marketing
- Project Management

- Business Economy
- External Economic Activities in Business

Among the main fields of Department research activities are financial, economic and investment management in business, branding, municipal social and economic management, philosophical aspects of management.

More than 60 graduates of the Department received their PhD degrees in Economics or Philosophy.

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