NTI Competence Center “Sensorica”

NTI Competence Center “Sensorica”

Director: Sergey Alexandrovich Gavrilov

Phone: (499) 731-22-79

E-mail: rnd@miee.ru

In April 2018, within the framework of the competitive selection of end-to-end technologies competence centers of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), the application of MIET was recognized as the best in the “Sensor Technologies” nomination. The key success factor was a solid foundation in the form of the university's unique competencies in the radio-electronic industry.

Within the framework of the Development Program of the NTI Competence Center “Sensorica”, the university and its industrial partners are faced with the task of bringing to the market intelligent sensor systems for medical equipment, automated unmanned vehicles, environmental monitoring systems and other applications. Besides, together with partner universities, a large-scale implementation of training and retraining programs for the development, production and operation of fundamentally new products is to be implemented The Center's consortium includes over 40 participants from universities, academic institutions, industrial enterprises and development institutions.

The NTI Competence Center “Sensorica” activity is aimed at the creation, implementation and commercialization of technical means of perception, recognition and interaction with the real world.

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