Education system

Education system


Students enter a particular Department for a particular Degree. A Department at MIET is a large formation which consists of chairs, laboratories, educational centers, belonging to the same field of science or arts. Head of the Department is Dean. Students follow a predetermined curriculum, although in some Departments there exists a list of optional subjects. After getting Master or Specialist degree a student can enter post-graduate studies.

The Degrees offered at MIET are as follows:

• Bachelor – 4 years;
• Specialist (Engineer) – 5-5,5 years;
• Master – 2 years (prerequisite: Bachelor Degree);
• Candidate of Science (PhD) – 3 years (prerequisite: Master or Specialist Degree);
• Doctor of Science – 3 years (prerequisite: Candidate of Science or a PhD degree).

Getting a degree at MIET implies completing the curriculum, passing examinations and defending a graduation work (thesis, dissertation) according to the chosen field of study.
The University continues to diversify and improve its education programs. Students are encouraged to take part in research projects and science conferences. Advanced teaching technologies are being introduced to the education process, such as specialized software, interactive multimedia tools, distance learning.

Academic year lasts from September till June and includes two semesters: Fall semester (01.09-24.01) and Spring semester (07.02-30.06). Duration of studies is as follow: BA/BSc – 8 semesters, MSc/MA – 4 semesters, PhD – 6 semesters. Preparatory course lasts for 2 semesters.

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