English-language master program "Electronics for Communications"

English-language master program "Electronics for Communications"

National Research University of Electronic Technology
invites you to enter a master program
"Electronics for Communications"

Our master program trains highly skilled specialists in the area of telecommunications, radio and optical communication systems, data transfer and processing. Our graduates can easily exploit their skills and experience in International Research and Development or Education Centers.

We provide the various means for both fee-paying and state-subsidized admissions and embody a combination of the West European social standards of living and quality of life with Eastern European prices and hospitality.

Our education encourages personal development, learning new life skills, and adapting to another culture which are important elements of the international study experience.

The curriculum employs traditions of classical engineering education integrated with the latest standards and develops contemporary and essential skills in ICT thus implementing a program tailored to the individual student’s needs.

The combination of selected modules, course work and dissertation will improve your organizational skills, time management and the ability to meet deadlines.


The qualification you acquire will provide proof to an employer that you have determination, tenacity and the ability to develop high level knowledge. Our master’s degree will allow you to pursue a specialist area of interest that you developed during your previous studies or career.

The skills and qualities you develop will enhance your CV and help you stand out in a highly competitive graduate employment job market. As a result of the skills and experiences gained, you are more likely to secure a job and attract a higher salary.


The master programme is taught by the Telecommunication systems department. Our department has a 15 year comprehensive history of scientific and engineering collaborative work with major Russian and International telecommunication companies. Among our staff are 4 Doctors of Science, with years of research experience in area of development of radio satellite and mobile communication systems, noise-immune coding and jamming protection, telecommunication systems prototyping on FPGAs, DSPs and ASICs. Lead senior specialists from such companies as Samsung, Siemens, Huawei, Cisco, Federal Space Agency, Research Institute of Radio Physical Measurements and others share their experience during engineering and practical courses. Our department consists of three research groups, where 9 PhDs, 16 research associates. We are involved in major grants with State Support concerning ultrahigh frequency satellite radio channels, robotic control systems, Si-, SiGe-, GaN-devices, IC for telecommunications, flexible antennas and energy scavenging. Yearly more than 20 master and bachelor students take part in scientific and engineering projects.


We offer a number of conversion courses which are open to graduates of any subject area and can help you take the first steps to a new and rewarding career.

Our master’s program allows you to specialize through optional modules and reflect your own unique interests; a dissertation or research project which is completed on a subject of your own choosing. This means you have the opportunity to build a program which will prove interesting and intellectually rewarding, enhancing your skills and employability.

Graduates are qualified to practice the regulated profession of telecommunications engineer. The careers in which graduates of this master’s degree may find employment are one of the following:


Head of International Relations Division,
Mrs. Irina Ponomaryova


Vice-Rector for International Affairs,
Youth Relations,
Dr. Dmitriy Kovalenko


Coordinator and study advisor of Master Program «Electronics for Communications»,
Dr. Aleksandr Timoshenko