Foreign Students

Foreign Students

Feedback from foreign students

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The studying goes perfectly. The education level is high. I would also like to emphasize the excellent teachers work, especially the educational material and its quality, their attitude to the students. Of course it is significant that there is the necessary equipment and audiences in MIET. This allows you not only to get the theoretical skills, but also the practical ones. I believe that this is a very important point in getting higher education. My friend who is studying in MIET advised me to enter this university, because the education quality is sound and the university location is good. Having entered MIET, I saw with my own eyes that it was really the case

Maria Nesturkina, Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications - 1 year Master course, Ukraine

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The study is going well. I completed the first semester without any threes. I succeeded in all subjects, but I made more efforts on physics. My friend is a second year student (i.e., has a year of experience). He recommended MIET as mathematics, physics and programming are taught here pretty well. I liked the university in general. The most significant events (there are several of them, not one) are the days of our group, when we went out with my fellow students, played all sorts of games, talked, cooked together and etc.

Ilya Garzenshtein, Department of Electronics and Computer Technologies - 2 year Bachelor course, Moldova

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I entered MIET, because there was a department in which I was very interested in for a long time. The university is also close to where I am living, so it played an important role too. The most striking event in my student life was my volunteering in GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense) forum. My first task was to meet people at Rechnoy Vokzal Station, then I escorted them to the village Mendeleevo and after all this I helped with preparation of our hall. I returned home at 2 o'clock in the morning, and came back in 5 hours to continue my volunteering. In the end, everything went fine. It was very cool.

Denis Murashko, Department of Electronics and Computer Technologies - 3 year Bachelor course, Ukraine

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I like studying because education in Russia is good. I study mathematics, physics, computer science, Russian and communicate with a lot of foreign students. Soon preparatory course where I study ends, and I'll take the exams.

Mo Mihn Tyo, preparatory course, Myanmar

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Highly qualified teaching staff makes the learning process interesting and accessible. A good fact is that my classmates are always ready to help me with any problems, including those connected with the language barrier. For example, sometimes there may be a misunderstanding in translation of terms and definitions. An important addition to the educational process is the extracurricular life at MIET, which comprises a completely different set of student associations (School of active students, Student Council, School of camp counselors, Volunteer Center, MIET-TV, Newspaper "Inversion", etc.). I was able to take part in many of them and got a lot of skills and knowledge, useful in many areas of life. Some isolation of Zelenograd from Moscow city center carries a lot of advantages, among which: good environment, good infrastructure, absence of problems common for large cities. Thanks to School of camp counselors «BIT» I got the opportunity to work as a counselor at a summer camp. During just a few sessions that I spent working with children, I received a lot of positive emotions and valuable experience

Navruz Ergashev, Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications -
4 year Bachelor course, Uzbekistan

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To study at MIET is an incredible opportunity to make a career in a foreign country. First of all I need to learn Russian, as I'm Spaniard, and it is a complicated subject. But thanks to our teachers I can see that my Russian knowledge is getting better day by day. I have chosen MIET because this university is one of the best universities in Russia in technological fields. The most significant event happens every day, because I am learning the culture of my foreigner friends and also the Russian culture

Jorge Iglesias, preparatory course graduate, Spain