Preparatory course

Preparatory course

Course date: September 1st 2015 – June 30th 2016.

Application deadline: students start the course since the day of arrival.The 1st semester focuses on learning of the Russian Language from the "zero" level with the aim of further study at Russian universities. Intensive training (30 academic hours per week) in small groups of 7-15 students is organized.


The 2nd semester except Russian includes studying Physics, Mathematics and Informatics (24 academic hours per week).

After the Course an applicant can:

Tuition fee for the Preparatory Course: USD 2.000

Accommodation fee (September-June): USD 460 (USD 46 per month)

Health Insurance: USD 150 for one year


All the documents are to be translated into Russian and notarized. Copies of documents confirming education are to be legalized.

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