Buddy is a volunteering student who helps international students adapt to life in Russia, overcome the language barrier and feel more confident in the new environment.


What are Buddy`s responsibilities?

• Meets an international student in Moscow

• Helps when settling into the dormitory

• Helps with paperwork (registration, insurance, transfers)

• Helps with everyday issues (obtaining a bank and social card, shopping in a store, purchasing tickets for public transport)

• Helps to establish a connection between the student and the administration of the university

• Helps overcome the language barrier

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The Buddy does not:

• Provide financial support

• Study instead of you

• Accompany you 24 hours a day ( the Buddy may also have personal life. Let's respect each other`s time!)

• Provide assistance at night from 9 pm to 9 am.

In case you want to ask for Buddy, please, fill in the form.

If you have any questions regarding Buddy's work, write to us at academ.exchanges@int-miet.ru

If you would like to become a buddy volunteer, follow the International Students Association group, where volunteers are recruited every year!