European Diploma Supplement

European Diploma Supplement

The Council of Europe jointly with the UNESCO developed the form of specified Diploma Supplement for the European countries and the USA. Евродиплом.jpg

The Diploma Supplement is an important tool of the Bologna process as it is not only documentary evidence of the successful student's study according to the European canon, but also the method of making the Bachelor's or Master's rights equal in any Bologna process member-country. The Diploma Supplement is necessary document of most Bologna process member-countries which is issued with the Diploma.

In Russia the issue of the Diploma Supplement is not necessary. The universities issue them on the request of the graduates which is important for the admission of our Diploma abroad. The Diploma Supplement does not replace the Russian Diploma Supplemt, but only compliments it.

The substantial structure of the Diploma Supplement, drawn up in English, includes data about the owner of the Diploma, his qualification and the level of this qualification, the contents list of the educational program, results of its mastery, about functional purpose, qualification, as well as the information about the national education system. An important part of the Diploma Supplement is the conversion of the academic hours of Russian higher education in the universally accepted in the European system of the accounting credit standards of the ECTS.

Diploma supplement is one of the key documents of the “Europass”, that is a coordinated functioning system of job and training places search service in the European countries, and also the single form of the documents, accompanying this process. Diploma supplement enables the graduates to enter the professional arena with the experts from other states.
Diploma Supplement is documented to the bachelor's degree (4 years), specialist degree (5 years), master's degree (2 years).

The graduates, including the graduates of the previous years and foreign citizens, who want to get the European Supplement, need to apply to International Relations Division (room 1123, tel. 499-734-02-64) and provide the following documents:

1. Application for the Principal.
2. Degree copy.
3. Transcript copy.
4. Foreign passport copy.
5. Payment receipt.

The turnaround time of the European Supplement is up to 2 weeks from the date of filling of an application.