The home town of MIET

zelenogradgerb1.jpgZelenograd was built in 1958 as the centre of the Soviet electronics industry and is still one of the most powerful centers of electronics, microelectronics and hi-tech in modern Russia.

The town, along with the territories and settlements under its jurisdiction, forms one of the ten administrative districts of Moscow – Zelenograd Administrative Okrug (ZelAO). It is located 35 km northwest of Moscow and 15 km from Sheremetyevo international airport. The town has a population of over 220,000 people.

As Zelenograd was built de novo on a previously empty place, its architecture and civic layout yields to one general architectural plan. The name of the town can be literally translated into English as the "Green City". On either side of the town, the forest is near and visible and easily accessible for walks.

Flag_of_Zelenograd.pngZelenograd incorporates the former village of Kryukovo, the place where German troops were stopped on their march toward Moscow in 1941. Now several monuments in memorial of the Defenders of Moscow and heroes of Great Patriotic War (World War II) are located in Zelenograd and in the surrounding area.

Zelenograd was created as a town of future. It has huge potential: Free economic zone, innovations-oriented manufacturers, highly-qualified managers, advanced technical university, significant intellectual resources. Zelenograd is considered to be the smartest town in Europe. More than a half of its adult population has higher education degree. It gives confidence of the worthy future of the town.

City color is green. Animal symbol is a squirrel.

Official website: www.zelao.ru/en

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