Concert hall

Concert hall

The MIET concert hall takes up a separate building. A hallway connects it with the main university buildings. The auditorium can accommodate 650 people. The concert hall hosts all the main official ceremonies, cultural and leisure activities. There are also additional rooms for amateur art groups.

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The concert hall is the place where MIET choir was formed and where its members practice on regular basis. Other interest groups include a student theatre group, hustle, sport and ballet dancing groups, various bands, comedy groups and more. Every year the groups take part in Russian and International Festivals. The administration and groups have established friendly relations with leisure centers of many universities around Russia and abroad.

The concert hall also hosts Graduation celebrations, Class reunions, New Year Students' ball and Faculty ball, concerts of Russian and Foreign musicians, meetings with outstanding people, Russian culture and history meetings and functions as a cinema house.

The concert hall works not only for MIET students but also for other young people in Zelenograd, especially for school students, future MIET applicants. The concert hall also hosts many city-wide activities, such as state, municipal and institute holidays: Knowledge Day, International Students Day, Russian Youth Day, Comedy competitions, various festivals. In fact, MIET concert hall is the main center of youth activities in Zelenograd.