How to apply

How to apply

A foreign applicant entering a Russian-language program has an interview in order to reveal his/her knowledge of the Russian language and basic subjects. The interview takes place in July. If the result is satisfactory the applicant may be enrolled on a contract basis.


Candidates for undergraduate (BSc/BA) degree must have complete secondary education, confirmed by a Certificate/Diploma recognized for admission to the universities of Russian Federation. Candidates for post-graduate (MSc/MA) degree or qualification a BSc/BA certificate and a list of subjects and grades (transcript). Candidates for PhD must have a MSc/MA degree or qualification diploma of Specialist.

Applications for admission are accepted from June 19 to July 25. Candidates approved for admission are accepted at the University in August 20-30.

Foreign citizens can study Russian language and basic subjects during one year Preparatory course.

Foreign students are awarded with an appropriate Degree confirmed by a Diploma.

Every student of MIET has access to the University's library and its reading hall, the sports complex as well as other divisions supporting the educational process.
Students in need of accommodation are provided with the room in the dormitory.

All students are to have medical insurance. MIET provides assistance in receiving medical insurance.

Applicants are expected to submit the following particulars:

1. The filled application form indicating the chosen program;

2. The copy of passport (clearly readable pages containing the setting data, the validity of passport - not less than 18 months from the start of the entry academic visa);

3. The copy of the birth certificate;

4. The copy of the medical report confirming that you haven't got contra-indications to study in the Russian Federation, issued by the official health authority of your country;

5. The copy of the medical certificate on the absence of HIV and AIDS, issued by the official health authority of your country (valid for 3 months);

6. The copy of the legalized or apostilled document confirming the education obtained (with annexes, including a list of studied subjects and examination grades);

7. The form describing your English level (only for candidates entering the programs implemented in the English language);

8. The motivation letter stating the reasons why you want to study at the National Research University of Electronic Technologies;

9. The paper on the future scientific research in Russian or English (1-2 pages of printed text);

10. The list of scientific publications (only for candidates entering post-graduate course).

Attention! The documents (paragraphs 2-6 from the list) are to be translated into Russian and notarized. Copies of documents confirming education are to be legalized.

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