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Department of Graphic DesignSokolova1.jpg

E-mail: ikg@miee.ru

Dean - Tatiana Y. Sokolova, PhD in Engineering Science, Associate Professor

The Department offers degrees in Graphic Design.

This new department was established on the 25 April, 2006.
The department is carrying out a new concept of artistic education: computer linked and artistic disciplines are closely connected. In the course of studying students learn and master all the graphic programmes necessary for the work of modern designers, artists, polygraphists and advertisers. The tutors and teachers at the department are all dedicated and experienced specialists.

The department provides training in three main directions:
- industrial design;
- graphic design;
- environmental design.

All interested can get additional qualification in WEB-design.

The department graduates are capable to compete on the design market. This onrush IT sphere needs as well computer literate designers capable of carrying out tasks concerning the Internet, computer games industry, mobile communication, software and so on. In the course of studying students master working with such programme products as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, AutoCAD, 3DStudioMAX, SolidWorks, Sierra Home 3D, Macromedia Flash and others.

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