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UNESCO chair

In 1995 according to the agreement between UNESCO and the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO there was created the UNESCO Center on electronics and computer science in MIET. The main target of the Center was to organize professional training in the field of electronics, computer science and telecommunications, and also for the work in following directions:

  • Support of research works in the field of new information technologies;
  • Collaboration in working out new educational international programs and techniques and their distribution among the Russian higher educational institutions;
  • Realization of joint international educational programs;
  • Creation of consulting system in the field of the international educational projects;
  • Assistance for cooperation in researches between CIS, EU and developing countries.

In December, 1996 MIET was visited by the delegation led by the deputy general director of UNESCO Mr. G. Jushkjavichus. The purpose of the visit was to find out whether there was any possibility in Russia to create UNESCO education and research center of modern information technologies in education. Consequently the corresponding program has been confirmed, and within the limits of activity of the UNESCO Center in MIET following courses have been carried out: "Designing of ASIC’s using gate arrays”, "Еlесtronic spreadsheets application for business”, "Моdern Software Tools for PCs”, "Fuzzy Sets Theory Fundamentals”, "Introduction into General Algorithms”, etc.

In April, 1997 during the visit of the UNESCO general director Mr. F. Mayor to Moscow the development of relations between MIET and UNESCO has entered a new phase: Mr. F. Mayor and MIET Rector Prof. V. Verner have signed the agreement on the organization of UNESCO chair «Computer science and electronics».

The objectives of UNESCO Chair at MIET:

  • To provide a new level of training in informatics and electronics, emphasis being put on Internet technology, intelligent technologies and modern design tool.
  • To reinforce a data transmission televising system through the creation of a direction teletext network for distance education purposes.
  • To broaden the international links between the Institute, universities and research institutions of other countries in the field of information technologies.


Chairholder – Prof. Yury I. Volkov

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