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MIET was ranked among the best universities in Russia by Forbes 28.06.2018

MIET was ranked among the best universities in Russia by Forbes

Forbes Editorial Board presented its first own rating of universities. The rating takes into account not only the quality of education, research, international and financial activities, but appraises career prospects for students as well. Among the criteria that formed the basis for the calculations are the average salary of graduates, the presence of billionaires and their heirs among them, successful officials, board members of the largest Russian and international companies.

The data were used as a basis for monitoring the performance of more than 600 institutions of higher education prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. 100 universities formed the final list. MIET took the 21st place, leaving behind Moscow Aviation Institute, National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", the First Electrotechnical University ETU and Tomsk State University.

In addition, according to the "Quality of Education" parameter, MIET is ranked the 6th among all the universities and the 3d among National Research Universities.

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