MIET facilitates intraocular lens production

MIET facilitates intraocular lens production

An ophthalmological corporation Alcon together with Nanoptika, which is located in one of the university's site buildings, are launching the production of intraocular lenses for surgery, the only effective way to combat cataracts – a condition where the lens of an eye is partially or completely opaque. Such lenses minimize the number of potential postoperative complications.

For more than 20 years, MIET has been developing innovative infrastructure that today occupies the leading position in Russia and complies with the international standards in thе industry.

The innovative complex of MIET offers office and laboratory buildings along with research and production facilities that meet with the European equipment, comfort and service requirements. The university's territory also facilitates the only infrastructure in Russia of the collective use center networks, which carries out the end-to-end cycle of high-tech product development in the field of electronics, microelectronics, and information and telecommunication technologies.

The advanced innovative infrastructure of MIET has become the basis for a cluster of small and large research and production enterprises that are actively involved in the scientific and educational activities of the university, operating within the framework of common strategic priorities related to the promotion of domestic electronic products and developments in critical areas.

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