Educational Center “Mentor Graphics – MIET” held PADS Professional refresher courses

Educational Center “Mentor Graphics – MIET” held PADS Professional refresher courses

From 16 to 27th of September, the Institute of Nano and Microsystem Technology (NMST) Moscow region enterprise trained employees for the newly developed course called “Central Library in PADS Library MANAGER VX” using e-Learning technologies developed by the Center for National Technology Initiative (NTI) “Sensory”. The training was held at the Mentor Graphics-MIET Educational Scientific Center.

The employees learned how to create and maintain Library Tools, add components in Symbol Editor, footprints in Cell Editor, and Radio Electronics Components (REC) for PADS Professional printed circuit board (PCB) projects. The employees learned to manage the REC database using PADS DataBook, tweak PADS Designer to meet ESKD requirements, create REC components' 3D models, integrate them with PCB CAD, and create embedded passive components and elements in the structure of the PCB.

At the end of the course, each attendee passed an online test and developed a library project in Library Tools with REC components in PADS Professional.

All of them received international Mentor Graphics certificates and advanced qualification certificates. Based on the results of the training, the following further training courses are planned:

● Schematic design in PADS Designer VX;

● Geometry design in PADS Layout VX;

● Analysis of signal integrity, crosstalk and electromagnetic compatibility in HyperLynx VX;

● Printed circuit board system design in PADS Professional VX (integrated course).

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