MIET participated in the Priority 2030 program

MIET participated in the Priority 2030 program

The Committee of the Ministry of science and higher education has selected 106 universities in 49 cities of the Russian Federation as participants of the "Priority 2030” program. These universities will get the base part of the grant, which amounts to 100 million rubles per year. Over 60% of the selected universities are located in the regions of the country. Only 28 universities are in Moscow, and 11 are in Saint Petersburg. The other 67 universities are located in 47 Russian cities.

MIET presented its strategic development program and was selected as a participant of the federal leadership program "Priority 2030." In October MIET delegation will compete for a special part of the grant.

The main effect of the implementation of the development program will be the formation of the industry leading research and educational center in the field of electronics and information technology. The center will aim at integrating the educational and scientific organizations with specialized industrial enterprises for advanced training, creation and transfer of new technologies and products in the field of electronics and information technology, business support.

MIET Rector V.A. Bespalov noted: “The implementation of ambitious reset plans is possible only in cooperation. Over the past 20 years MIET formed innovation community consisting of more than 80 companies, including design centers and manufacturing enterprises. Our experience in interacting with specialized companies, scientific organizations, universities and international partners is the basis of the Consortium "Electronics of the Future". Its goal is to implement complex projects of the university development program and to develop new products to achieve the goals of the Electronic Industry Development Strategy in terms of staffing, the creation and transfer of advanced technologies and the development of technopreneurship.”

The goal of the federal academic leadership program "Priority 2030" is to form a large group of universities that will become the leaders in creating new scientific knowledge, technology, and developments for introduction into the economy and social sphere in Russia. The key principles of changes in our university according to the development program are:

  • Focus on complex scientific and technical projects in cooperation with partners;
  • Improvement of personnel policy and system of professional development of personnel;
  • Transformation of the system of career guidance and assessment of students' competencies;
  • Transformation of the organizational structure and introduction of network forms of management;
  • Digitization of all business processes and core activities.

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