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MIET signs a cooperation agreement with the scientific center of applied research in the field of micro - and nanoelectronics – IMEC 12.01.2017

MIET signs a cooperation agreement with the scientific center of applied research in the field of micro - and nanoelectronics – IMEC

At the end of December 2016 Belgium hosted negotiations of the heads of MIET, AO"Zelenograd nanotechnology center", Moscow state enterprise "Zelenograd Development Corporation"(ZNTC) and the representative of AO "NIIME" (Molecular Electronics Reseacrh Institute) with a major European scientific centre for applied research in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics – IMEC. MIET was represented by rector Vladimir A. Bespalov.

The meeting was aimed at founding a scientific-educational center of semiconductor and nanoelectronics in Zelenograd and creation of mini-production of chips with topological norms up to 28 nm, which will be based on the educational-industrial complex of the University. The partner and coordinator of the project was Kember Associates company (UK).

According to the results of negotiations a cooperation agreement was signed and a detailed schedule of the implementation of the first stages of the project was prepared. In the agreement the parties declared their intentions during the project. Thus, the company IMEC is ready not only to transfer technology but also to jointly develop specialized processes. The Belgian partners intend to contribute to the further development of the Russian center, including developing its cooperation with European partners.

MIET is to support the project by recourses and staff including the involvement of local start-ups in the work. Besides, MIET intends to use this project as an important part of development of university education and training. It will contribute to the preparation of highly qualified national specialists in the area of nanotechnology and semiconductor industry and give an opportunity for students to learn using the example of the world best practice that will ultimately allow to integrate Russian specialists into the world production process.

ZNTC is to provide practical and commercial support for the project including areas for the project and also its competence and experience in small quantities production. Having a strategic interest in establishment of such a center, Zelenograd Development Corporation is ready to support the project including financing. The center is expected not only to manufacture prototypes and pre-installation parties of devices of microelectronics, but also to move gradually to large production volumes.

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