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MIET held the international conference ELConRus-2017 06.02.2017

MIET held the international conference ELConRus-2017

Major scientific event “Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering” was held in MIET on 1 to 3 February.

Since 2014 Russia has annually held "Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering". The event takes place under the auspices of IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which develops standards for radioelectronics, electrical engineering and hardware for the systems and networks. The initiator of the conference in our country was St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI". This year MIET was among the organizers of the conference. That’s why EIConRus-2017 was held at two places: LETI and MIET. This is the first experience of our university in holding a large technical conference in English.

The conference held at MIET was attended by more than 200 scientists and young professionals. Among them were representatives of 14 Russian and 5 foreign universities from China, Malaysia, the UK, France and Egypt. Employees of Zelenograd and Moscow enterprises and researchers from the RAS institutes have submitted their reports.

The conference EIConRus-2017 was held on 8 sections:
1. Communication, Networking & Broadcasting.
2. Computing & Processing (Hardware/Software/ Information Protection).
3. Engineered Materials, Dielectrics & Plasmas.
4. Fields, Waves & Electromagnetics.
5. Nanoelectronics.
6. Electrical Engineering, Automation & Control Systems.
7. Digital Signal, Image & Video Processing & Analysis.
8. Biomedical and Environmental Engineering.

140 reports were prepared, which the conference participants were able to discuss with colleagues not only within sections, but in common discussions during the breaks within three days.

Financial support for the conference was provided by the Russian branch of the IEEE.

We hope that EIConRus will become traditional for our University.

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