Professor Sergey Selischev was awarded the title of IEEE Senior Member

Professor Sergey Selischev was awarded the title of IEEE Senior Member

Sergey Vasilievich Selishchev, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the Head of the Department of Biomedical Systems, was awarded the title of IEEE Senior Member. Nowadays only 10% of the 423 566 members of the IEEE community have reached this level.

The IEEE abbreviation stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The world-famous IEEE Association was established in 1884 and is currently the largest community of professionals in information technology, electronics and electrical engineering. It promotes innovation and technological superiority in the interests of humanity and brings together specialists from more than 160 countries. IEEE publishes about a third of the world’s technical literature in the field of electrical engineering, informatics and electronics, and is the leading developer of international standards that underlie many modern telecommunications and information technologies.

The Senior Member degree is the highest degree that an IEEE member can himself apply for. To assign it, you must comply with all or part of the criteria, among which:

  • the significant engineering achievements;

  • the publications of engineering or scientific articles, books or inventions;

  • the implementation of technical guidance or management of important scientific or technical work with the evidence of compliance;

  • the recognition of the contribution to the welfare of a scientific or technical profession;

  • the implementation of a contribution equivalent to the previous items in the field of technical editing, patent examination or patent legislation, if these contributions are significant progress in the areas constituting the subject of IEEE activities.

We congratulate Sergey Vasilyevich on the high evaluation of his scientific activity by the world community and wish him further productive work!

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