Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications

Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications



Dean – Alexander V. Gureev, Doctor of Engineering Science, Associate Professor, head of Radioelectronics chair

The department includes the following chairs:

- First chair of Higher Mathematics

- Computer Engineering

- Data Processing and Computer Software Design

- Microelectronic Radiotechnical Devices and Systems

- Radioelectronics

- Telecommunication Systems

- Electronic Engineering

The department was established in 1966. It is the largest department in MIET. More than 10000 engineers, 250 PhDs and Doctors of Sciences graduated from the department throughout its history. Many of them are now managers of large companies, public figures or great experts.

The curriculum covers in-depth study of physics, mathematics and electronics. The experience shows that it is not an easy task to master all these courses. Most of present-day applicants are aware of the fact that the institute provides them with the foundation for their future prosperity, and that foundation has to be a most solid one.

The department offers Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees in:

- Computer Science

- Information Protection

- Applied Mathematics

- Radio Engineering

- Telecommunications

Masters are the elite of the department, 20 out of 25 of them graduate with honors.

The graduates are able to develop software for computers, real-time operating systems, signal and image processing, object recognition, artificial intelligence, information protection, telecommunications, to design electronic and radio devices.

Computer Science and Telecommunications department graduates excel at their work in designing electronic devices, control systems, home appliances and complex technological processes. They are successful as employees of state and commercial enterprises, while being highly respected outside Russia.