Department of Electronics and Computer Technologies

Department of Electronics and Computer TechnologiesPutrya1.jpg


Dean – Mikhail G. Putrya, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor

The department includes the following chairs:

- Biomedical Systems

- Second chair of Higher Mathematics

- Integrated Electronics and Microsystems

- Quantum Physics and Nanoelectronics

- general Physics

- Integrated Circuit Design

The department offers Specialist, Bachelor and Master degrees in:

• Biomedical Engineering

• CAD Systems

• Nanotechnology in Electronics

• Microsystem Technology

• Electronics and Microelectronics

The students do practical work, study special subjects and write their graduation papers and Master thesis at Russia’s leading research and manufaturing centers. The department mascot is Crow that stands for wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit and longevity.

The distinctive feature of the department is the combination of fundamental training, continuous study of state-of-the-art design methods and flexible specialized courses. Among them are technical disciplines, shaped by modern tendencies in electronics, and humanities – economics, law, management and marketing. This gives the graduates great job opportunities in IT, CAD and other fields.

The graduates are highly skilled professionals in various fields of electronics, micro- and nanoelectronics, in designing and updating software, in analyzing the physics of quantum devices, computer simulation of complex physical processes and electronic devices, analyzing the biophysical processes in living organisms, designing biomedical equipment.