Department of Foreign Languages

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Dean – Mary G. Evdokimova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, head of Foreign Languages chair

The department was established in 1999.

The department includes:

- Chair of Foreign Languages
- School of Foreign Languages
- Translators Division

Full-time Education

The department offers training in Linguistics (English and German). After 5 years of study graduates receive the qualification of an Interpreter.

The curriculum includes humanities, socio-economic and professional disciplines (theoretical and historical linguistics, language history, theoretical phonetics, theoretical grammar, stylistics, Latin, Russian language and speech culture, linguistic regional geography and more).

Specific disciplines include Theory and Practice of Translation (English and German) and more.

After the training the graduates are able to work as translators of social, political and special materials, personal assistants, literature translators, interpreters at formal and business talks and judicial sittings, interpreting advisers, lecturers at institutions of higher education.

2005 saw the first graduation of full-time students.

School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages offers foreign language education programs (English and German) varying in duration and complexity.

- Preparatory course for those willing to study at Foreign Languages department (one-year, two-year or short term programs)
- Everyday and business language
- Translation training for MIET students and higher education degree owners

Upon finishing the two-year program the graduates receive a certificate.

Translators Division

Translators division offers two-year training for the qualification of an Interpreter in Professional Communication (English language). Admitted are current higher education students and graduates.

Upon graduation the students receive an additional qualification diploma. The diploma allows for professional activities in the field of interpreting in professional communication.