Distance Education Department

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E-mail: dre@miee.ru

Dean – Natella Yu. Sokolova, PhD in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor

Distance education:

The department has a successful history of distance education of specialists in Russia and abroad. The department offers higher education in Computer Science. Students of MIET and other universities are able to get their second degree while getting the first one.

Distance education combines traditional teaching methods and tools with computer technologies and tools developed by MIET professors. People wishing to combine work and studying often take the opportunity to study at the department. The learning is carried out at home or at office with an individual flexible schedule. All one needs is a computer, Internet access and a certain amount of time for conveniently scheduled consultations with professors. Apart from residents of other cities, among the students of the department are students of MIET and other Moscow universities who chose to take up full-time jobs and continue their education using distance learning.

Additional training:

The department offers additional courses of various duration for companies and job agencies. More that 300 people are assigned for retraining at the department by job agencies every year. The department also offers additional training courses in specialized programs related to fields of study at MIET.