International Students Department

International Students Department

Dean Sergey A. Lupin, PhD in Engineering Sciences, Professor


The Department includes the following chairs:

The main goals of FCT are:

- MIET inclusion in the international educational sphere

- Development of competitive educational programs to attract foreign citizens to MIET (magistrates, graduate students)

- Expansion of academic ties with foreign universities

- Coordination of MIET work units for studying foreign citizens

- Support for international projects with MIET in Education Sphere

- Organization of advertising campaigns of MIET educational programs in other countries (abroad)

The department was established in 2009.

Annualy more than 250 international students study at MIET. Training of international students, masters and PhD students is on the same lines as the Russian citizens.

Admission of foreign citizens to MIET

For admission to MIET foreign nationals with visa entry into the territory of the Russian Federation must submit the following documents:

  1. Full name.
  2. Date of Birth.
  3. Residential address.
  4. Photocopy the first page of the passport with a photograph.
  5. The name of the elected program.
  6. A copy of the Certificate of Education or proof of an equivalent level of education with the subjects studied, obtained by him, and estimates the overall performance assessment of a candidate.

All information must be provided in English or Russian languages.


It was established July 17, 2009 in order to coordinate educational, methodical and educational work and the effectiveness of management training in MIET foreign citizens.

The foreign students' goal is acquisition the necessary theoretical knowledge and competence for higher education. The extent of their professional training depends largely on the level of Russian language, which defines the high importance of teaching the Russian language, and determines its specificity as the language of specialization in terms of concepts and subjects.

Russian language course in the general system of training of foreign students require coordination with the main subjects, while maintaining its specificity. Success of training foreign specialists depends on the organization of co-operation of teachers and specialists in the chair subjects, studied at the university.

The main goals of the chair are:

- The provision and quality in teaching foreign students the Russian language on the basis of educational programs developed by teachers of the department in accordance with the requirements of State Standard of Russian language for foreigners;

- Development and implementation of methodological support;

- Carrying out educational work among international students.

The center was created in the structure of faculty studying of foreign citizens in 2009 with the aim of strengthening and developing ties MIET in international academic sphere.

Additional Information:

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