Institute of Linguistic and Pedagogical Education (ILPE)

Institute of Linguistic and Pedagogical Education (ILPE)

Director of ILPE – Mary Georgievna Evdokimova, Doctor of Education, Associate Professor


The Institute of Linguistic and Pedagogical Education was founded on September 1, 2018, on the basis of the Chair of Foreign Languages as well as the units of Foreign Languages Department.

The mission of ILPE is to form educational environment for training and upgrading the competences of interpreters and foreign languages teachers by involving students in the context of professional activities under the supervision of leading experts in the field.

The goal of ILPE is to enhance the reputation of MIET as a reliable participant in the educational and interpreting services market due to the implementation and development of Bachelor's and Master's programs, a variety of supplementary educational programs and on-line learning. ILPE includes School of Foreign Languages, Translators Division, Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Technology Center, Translation Service Center.

Fields of study:

45.03.02 Linguistics (Bachelor's level), programs:

45.04.02 Linguistics (Master's level), programs:

Contacts (e-mail, phone):, phone number (499) 720-85-48, (499) 732-26-53.