Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (SSEIT)

Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (SSEIT)

Director of SSEIT - Larisa Gennadievna Gagarina, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

The Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (SSEIT) was founded on March 1, 2019, on the basis of Department of Microdevices and Technical Cybernetics and two chairs of Applied Information Technologies Department.

The goal of SSEIT is to develop a professional environment for industrial implementation of the development processes, system operation and maintenance, software and IT information processing and information management technologies for Russian economy innovation, as well as training new engineer generations based on training in the project and scientific process activities led by competent professionals, scientists and specialists.

The strategy of the Institute is to integrate and coordinate the scientific and technical capabilities of faculty and attracted specialists in the fields of modern systems, software engineering and information technologies based on the professional competency development for design, educational, scientific, experimental, expert and certification works that involve students in any subject area.

The Development Program of the Institute

The priority task of the Institute is to expand the set of competencies that ensure interdisciplinary research and development by:
● attracting enterprise drivers of various economy sector development as strategic and industrial partners;
● implementing R&D commissioned by leading enterprises with end-to-end architecture design, software writing and further maintenance of the finished product;
● developing the scientific and educational infrastructure that expands the competencies in accordance with the digital economy and the STI market development strategies;
● expanding the foresight program range in the personnel training, including the highest qualifications, taking into account interdisciplinarity and the development of digital technologies.
The institute has 52 employees (42 of which are the faculty), of which 29 people have an academic degree, either a Doctor of Technical Sciences (14) or a Candidate of Technical Sciences (16).