Fedotova Elena Leonidovna Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor

Brief biography

Work experience in scientific and pedagogical activity accounts 30 years.

1989 – Graduated from MIET, defended her candidate thesis on Formation of students' readiness for the use of information and computer technologies in professional activities.

Has a Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science.


  • Computer science and programming

  • Information Technology

  • Information theory

  • The information society and problems of applied informatics

  • Standardization of software and information technology

  • Technical means of informatization

  • Programming technology

Scientific activity

Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogical Education (IASP).

Head of production and undergraduate practice students of Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology.

Corrective expert of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the topic "Development of a methodology for assessing the quality of training of graduates studying in the field of information technology, using the competency-based approach."