Sharamok Alexander Vladimirovich Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography


1999 – Graduated from MIET, major “Computer Software and Automated Systems” and “Data Protection Technology and Organization”.

Scientific and Pedagogical Activity:

2004 – Defended his Candidate’s Thesis in the field of “Tactical radio system security”.

2005-2014 – Worked at LLC “ANKAD Firm” as a Chief Specialist, Head of the Department and Technical Director.

2005-2014 – Worked as an Associate Professor at the Chair of Telecommunication Systems on a part-time basis.

2019 – Associate Professor at the Chair of Telecommunication Systems. Currently heads the laboratory of Information Security and Telecommunication Systems.


  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA);

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).


  • Communication Network Security

  • Information Security

  • Information Security Basics

  • Cryptology Mathematical Basics

  • Telecommunication System Security Methods and Means


Scientific activity

Research interests:

  • Applied cryptographic protocols

  • Security of tactical radio systems

  • IoT Security

  • Sensor system security

  • Distributed registry technologies

  • Research subjects for students

  • Radio channel safety for sensor array data acquisition systems

  • Cryptographic protocols for non-traditional encoding systems

  • Distributed authentication protocols

  • Trust Protocols for IoT