Putrya Fedor Mikhailovich Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography

2006 – Graduated from MIET with master’s degree.

2009 – Defended his Candidate’s thesis on “Research and development of methods for increasing the performance of integrated circuits of multicore microprocessors based on increasing the efficiency of switching logic”.

Since 2004 – Technician, Engineer, Senior Researcher, Head of the Laboratory for Verification of SoC and SF-Blocks, JSC ELVIS.

Since 2016 – Member of the Council for Professional Qualifications in the Nanoindustry.

Developing Advanced Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems (MES)


  • Design and verification of complex functional blocks

Scientific activity

Area of ​​scientific interests:

Multi-core systems on a chip (SoC), processors, functional verification, test generation, automation of the development process of IS SoCs, performance analysis of multi-core heterogeneous SoCs.

Author of over 40 scientific papers, including 2 patents for invention.

Web of Science ResearcherID – D-1256-2017