Timoshenkov Sergey Petrovich Doctor of Science Engineering, Professor

Brief biography

1981 – Graduated from MIET.

Since 1984 – Worked at MIET.

1994 – Candidate of Science Engineering.

2004 - Doctor of Science Engineering.

Since 2005 – Director of the Institute of Nano and Microsystem Technology.

Since 2007 – Professor.

2007 – Laureate of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.


  • Microelectromechanical systems

  • Physico-chemical bases of silicon structures on the insulator

  • Electronic Parts

  • Technology of parts and components for EMU

  • Microsystem Technology Components

  • Sensors

Scientific activity

Directions of research and development:

  • Technology and equipment for the production of semiconductors, materials and devices of micro- and nanoelectronics, microsystem technology.

  • Development of designs and manufacturing techniques for small-sized linear acceleration converters (microaccelerometers), angular velocity (microgyroscopes), inclinometers, microturn mirrors, positioning systems and elements of navigation blocks, inertial information blocks based on silicon sensitive elements.

  • The study of the physicochemical processes of chemical, plasma-chemical etching of microelectronic materials, the processes of fusion and formation of multilayer, complex structures for microelectronics and microsystem technology.

  • Research and development of basic and technological processes for the manufacture of SOI structures and sensitive elements (SE) of sensors of physical quantities.

  • Development of manufacturing and assembly technology for CE MEMS.

Author of 180 printed works, including 4 teaching aids, 10 patents and applications.