Tereshchenko Sergey Andreevich Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Brief biography

1977 – Graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI), faculty of experimental and theoretical physics with a degree in dosimetry and defense.

1977-1981 – Engineer at special design bureau “Scientific Center”.

1981-1985 – Postgraduate student of MEPhI.

1985-1991 – Leading engineer, researcher, senior researcher at the Scientific Research Institute “Scientific Center”.

Since 1987 – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical sciences, the dissertation on "Coding of radiation by flat multi-pin collimators in tomographic studies of three-dimensional distributions of radionuclides", major 01.04.01.

1991-1999 – Senior Researcher, Associate Professor of the Chair of Theoretical and Experimental Physics MIET.

Since 1999 – Associate Professor, Professor of the Chair of Biomedical Systems MIET.

Since 2000 – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Doctoral thesis on "Tomographic reconstruction of the physical characteristics of absorbing, scattering and radiating media based on integrated and integrated-code methods", major 01.04.01.


  • Computerized tomography

  • Interaction of radiation with dispersive medium