Gorshkova Natalya Mikhailovna Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography

2005 – Graduated from MIET.

2008 – Defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of Science Engineering.

MIET employee since 2006.


  • Fundamentals of Reliability Theory

  • CAD Mentor Graphics. Topological design basics using Pyxis

  • CAD Mentor Graphics. Physical and formal verification of the project using Caliber

  • Design of analog and analog-digital systems

  • Fundamentals of design and technology of electronic means

Scientific activity

  • Directions of research and development:

  • Research in the field of formal and physical verification schemes.

  • Design of analog and analog-to-digital integrated circuits.

  • Instrument-technological modeling using modern CAD systems.

Author of 15 publications including 5 patents.