Somov Oleg Anatolyevich Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography

2002 – Graduated from MIET with a degree in Computer-Aided Design Systems BIS.

2002-2009 – An employee of the Russian-Malaysian Design Center "Unique ICs".

2003 – Received a degree in Organization and Technology of Information Security.

Since 2005 – Candidate of Science engineering, major 05.27.01.

Since 2006 – MIET part-time employee.

2009-2011 – Senior researcher at the Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2012 – Head of the development of digital IP design center "Unique ICs".


Institute of Nano and Microsystem Technology:

  • CAD Mentor Graphics. Designing microelectronic devices.

  • CAD Mentor Graphics. Functional design and verification of systems on a chip.

  • Circuit design of electronic tools.

Chair of Design and construction of integrated circuits:

  • Models and methods of analysis of design decisions.

  • Models and methods for analysis of design decisions (designing digital LSI).

Institute for the Design of Instruments and Systems (IPPS):

  • Designing Systems on a Chip

Scientific activity

Main research interests:

  • developments in the field of element base of high-speed microcircuits

  • design of digital and analog-to-digital integrated circuits

Author of more than 15 publications, including 1 teaching aid, 5 patents.