Bakhtin Alexander Alexandrovich Candidate of Science Engineering, Associate Professor

Brief biography

2004 – Graduated from MIET with the qualification of an engineer, major "Multichannel telecommunication systems".

2009 – Postgraduate of MIET, major 05.12.13 “Systems, networks and devices of telecommunications”.

Since 2014 – Head of the Chair of Telecommunication Systems


  • Introduction to the specialty

  • Routing methods in data transmission systems

  • Modeling and development of communication networks

  • Systems of network support and support of infocommunication services

  • Communication networks and switching systems

  • Development planning of communication services based on infocommunication technologies

Scientific activity

Author of more than 40 published works (including one study guide).

  • The area of ​​scientific and practical interests includes:

  • the problems of building mobile wireless communication networks;

  • development of scientific and technical fundamentals of the technology for creating networks, systems and telecommunications devices and ensuring their effective functioning;

  • development of methods for the efficient use of telecommunication networks, systems and devices in various sectors of the national economy;

  • development of methods for combining telecommunication, measuring and control systems;

development of research methods, modeling and design of telecommunications networks, systems and devices.