Potapov Dmitry Alexandrovich Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

Brief biography

2001 – Graduated from MIET with a degree in 190500 “Biotechnical and Medical Devices and Systems”. The theme of the graduation project is “Laser tomographic studies of the internal structure of strongly scattering media”.

2001-2005 – Junior researcher at Elpa OJSC.

2001-2005 – Postgraduate student, leading engineer of the Chair of Biomedical Systems.

Since 2005 – Associate Professor, Institute of Biomedical Systems.

2004 – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, major 01.04.07 "Condensed Matter Physics". The theme of the dissertation is “Restoration of images of internal structures of strongly scattering media in transmission optical tomography”.

2010 – Was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor.


  • Technical methods for diagnostic studies and therapeutic effects

Scientific activity

Scientist in the field of digital image and signal processing and engineering education.

Author of more than 50 scientific and educational works.