Telyshev Dmitry Viktorovich Candidate of Science Engineering, Associate Professor

Brief biography

Winner of the competition for scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation to young scientists 2012-2014.


2002-2008 – MIET, master degree in biomedical technology.

2008-2011 – MIET, postgraduate study, full-time, major: System analysis, management and information processing. Chair of Biomedical Systems (Chair of BMS), Candidate of Science Engineering.

Advanced training:

  • November 2010 – Modernization of educational activities in the training of personnel in the field of electronics for high-tech sectors of the economy and the social sphere based on the integration of educational and scientific processes (Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Studies of Professional Retraining of Personnel).

  • October-November 2012 – Management of innovation, technology transfer and commercialization (MIET)

.Work experience:

  • September 2006 - May 2011: Engineer, Chair of BMS.

  • June 2011 - present time: Senior Researcher, Chair of BMS.

  • September 2012 - present time: Associate Professor, Chair of BMS.


  • Management in biotechnological systems

  • Electrocardiographic systems

  • Virtual appliances

Scientific activity

Web of Science ResearcherID - N-4350-2016