Tafintsev Konstantin Stanislavovich Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography

2002 – Graduated from MIET Master's program in Electronics and Microelectronics.

2005 – Defended candidate dissertation at MIET on the topic “Research and development of methods for reducing nonlinear distortion of parallel DACs as part of sigma-delta converters”.

Since 2001 does scientific and teaching activities at the Chair of Telecommunication Systems.

Since 2010 works in research centers of Huawei and Samsung.


  • PLD-based Telecommunication System Design

  • Digital Modem Design

  • Embedded Real-Time TCS Systems Design

Scientific activity

Research interests:

  • Digital signal processing algorithm development for wireless communication systems

  • Simulation of digital radio links using C/C ++/Matlab

  • Digital communication system algorithms, architecture and module development using PLDs and IC.

Architecture, embedded software, compiler architecture, static analysis.

Web of Science ResearcherID – L-6193-2017