Volkov Alexey Stanislavovich Candidate of Science Engineering

Brief biography

2004 – Graduated from the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport on Master’s program (Automation and automatization in transport).

2011 – Defended candidate thesis at the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport, major 05.12.02. "Telecommunication systems and networks" on the topic "Methods of encoding and decoding algebraic concatenated convolutional codes using fast Fourier transform".


  • Communication Networks and Switching Systems

  • Communication System and Network Architecture Basics

  • Networks and Data Transfer Systems

  • Theory of Teletraffic

  • Theory of System and Network Architecture

  • Сommunication Network Software

Scientific activity

Since 2015 – Associate professor at the Chair of Telecommunication Systems. During his work, he took part in the following scientific activities of the department in the framework of the federal target program:

1. Research and development of a communication system and control of robotic means for use in the composition of orbital and alien planetary robotic systems.

2. Development of a multifunctional complex of noise-resistant radio communications and radar detection of objects.

3. Research and development of transceiver equipment for organizing networking according to the requirements of the fifth generation of mobile communications.

Research interests

  • theory of information and error-correcting coding;

  • digital transmission and switching systems.

  • self-organizing decentralized communication systems.


Author of more than 60 scientific and methodological works.