Andrianov Andrey Mikhailovich Candidate of Science Engineering, Associate Professor

Brief biography

1996 – Graduated from MIET.

1996-2000 – Postgraduate course at MIET.

2000-2016 – Worked in Zelenograd IT companies: Arsis LLC, Gorset LLC, Multimedia Company Resonance LLC, Focus Media LLC.

Since 2015 – Associate Professor at Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (part-time employee).

Since 2016 – Deputy General Director, Head of Internet Resources Department at LLC "Multimedia Company Resonance".


  • Fundamentals of programming

Scientific activity

Research Interests:

  • philosophy of science and invention

  • graphical representation of data

  • methods for analyzing texts and images

  • predictive testing methods

  • artificial intelligence

  • training systems

  • expert systems

  • forecasting systems