Yanakova Elena Sergeevna Doctor of Science Engineering

Brief biography

2006 – Defended her master's thesis at MIET, major “Computer Science and Computer Engineering”.

2009 – Defended her thesis at the Research and Development Center “SPURT”, major 05.12.14 “Radar and Radio Navigation”.

In 2014 – Defended her doctoral dissertation, major 05.13.01 “System analysis, management and information processing” (MIET).

Currently – Director of Software Development, JSC ELVIIS, Doctor of Science Engineering, Professor at the Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (part-time employee).


  • Basics of Parallel and Distributed Programming

  • Cluster computing

  • MPI Technology Basics

  • OpenMP Technology Basics

Scientific activity

Research Interests:

  • digital signal processing;

  • radar;

  • parallel computing.

Author of more than 70 publications, has two patents for a utility model, 52 scientific works published without co-authors.