Nikolai Korinteli

Nikolai Korinteli


Director for Quality, scientific and production company “DOZA”, expert in the field of quality management

«There are several MIET graduates completed a master's degree in Applied Informatics who work at the SPC «DOZA». The companies need such specialists in the field of instrumentation. At our enterprise, the graduates of this program are engaged in programming firmware (internal instrument software) and top-level software, which allows connecting devices into a single system.

Nowadays specialists in Applied Informatics are in demand among companies. Therefore, while studying at the university, masters intern with a company and after it they have the opportunity to stay on a permanent job. Graduates of this program have very competitive salaries. Now programmers are one of the highest paid employees in the field of instrumentation and many other».

SPC «DOZA» has been successfully working in the field of development of radiation monitoring equipment since 1991. It is one of the main specialization the company, as well as the development of alarm systems, radiation control devices: dosimeters, radiometers, spectrometers. The company supplies equipment to more than 50 countries.