Alexey Fedorov

Alexey Fedorov

Fyodorov.jpgDirector of RadisRLL LLC

“This master's program is relevant because nowadays we are surrounded by software in smartwatches, smartphones and modern home appliances. Therefore, today this sphere is one of the most high-developing and in the next 50-100 years the situation isn't going to change.

Graduates of the “Software Engineering” program are in demand in the labor market. At the university they have the opportunity to work at enterprises according to their specialty. Ties between a university and an enterprise are a key factor in the formation of high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge. Enterprises cooperate with the Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology in order to establish a stable relationship with students. They provide job opportunities and salary.

Teaching staff of the program “Hardware and software systems for information processing” includes specialists with a high level of training and practicing programmers. This directly affects the quality of the information provided.

The basis for interaction between a university and an enterprise is the compulsory student practice at enterprises, as well as joint writing of graduation projects”.