Anton Klotz

Anton Klotz

Klods.jpgHead of Cadence Design Systems European Academic Program

«In my opinion, MIET-Cadence master's program («Instrument and system design») is very relevant and useful. The curriculum comprises both theory and practice. At MIET students gain theoretical knowledge and then effectively apply it at the enterprises. Nowadays this is a successful and smart approach.

We see that at the end of this program masters remain at the enterprises and work using our software. As far as I can see, the employers are satisfied with their training level — together with these graduates the most complex projects can be implemented. We teach students using the latest Cadence developments. This applies to both software and the manufacturing route. That helps students start working at the enterprises just after their graduation. Hiring such specialists is more profitable, because there is no need for additional training.

While getting a master's degree, many students have already been working, and it often happens that graduation project becomes the part of real product. This is a great advantage of this educational program».

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the development and supply of CAD and special equipment for the design of electronic devices (EDA).