Sergey Melikhov

Sergey Melikhov

Melikhov.jpgDeputy General Director of Greensight LLC

«Our company works in consulting and developing systems for large e-commerce companies. From the very beginning, we started our business in Zelenograd and focused on MIET graduates. We, the owners the company, also graduated from MIET.

Over the past two years we have been actively cooperating with the university and created an internship program which is very popular among the students of «Corporate Governance Systems for Innovative Industries».

Today 10 students are interning with us, and about 10 people have already been employed after the program. The graduates of the Institute for System and Software Engineering and Information Technology (SSEIT) work as business analysts, developers and project managers.

The Institute of SSEIT trains specialists for our company. We are planning to expand cooperation, because we are very satisfied with the results we have already had».

Criteria of the company:

· Chooses technologies and approaches allowing to produce products with a minimum time-to-market;

· It is based not only on its own expertise - it justifies decisions with testable hypotheses;

· Works through a series of MVP - quickly releases a product, tests hypotheses and goes further;

· Acts on the Time & Material principle.