Alexey Yushmanov

Alexey Yushmanov

Yushmanov.jpgDirector of Compnet LLC

«At MIET master's program on Software Engineering students gain knowledge in such spheres as artificial intelligence, cyber technology and cyber security. There are several MIET graduates in our company. The level of their training allowed them to engage immediately in solving our production problems. Graduates of the Institute of Systems and Software Engineering and Information Technology (SSEIT) are in high demand in their field.

Artificial intelligence technologies are now relevant in almost all areas of business. To solve routine tasks the business uses robotics technology. Our company implements these technologies not only in its daily activities, but also offers them to the customers and partners. These projects would be difficult to implement without new specialists trained at the Institute of SSEIT. During their master's program, the students also work at the enterprises. Most students write their graduate works in collaboration with the enterprises where they work».

Compnet LLC is a provider of digital services and solutions.

The company has gone from a classic telecom operator to a technologically advanced digital company: an integrated approach of solving customer problems, its own installation teams, and individual solutions for small businesses. It works more than 15 years in the telecommunications market.