Anatoly Kovalev

Anatoly Kovalev

F8R5hDohveU.jpgGeneral Director of Zelenograd nanotechnology center JSC

“We cooperate with the Institute of Nano and Microsystem Technology on research projects in the field of development of micromechanical sensors (microsystems, accelerometers), integrated optical and radio-photon elements, etc.

Zelenograd nanotechnology center has the best scientific and technological equipment for the MEMS production. We are developing the production of micromechanical and integrated optical components, which are in demand in many industries, in medicine. Thus, we need competent and ambitious employees who can implement very interesting promising projects.

Students of the “Design and technology of electronic tools” program are well trained, know the materials and technologies for the production of microelectromechanical systems and they are able to design microsystems in eCad and mCad, conduct analysis and modeling using ANSYS and other applied mathematical and physical modeling packages. And this knowledge is not just theoretical, it is based on the results of our joint research projects”.

Zelenograd nanotechnology center is one of the leading innovation R&D companies in the field of nano- and microsystem technologies. There are small and medium enterprises among the clients of the center. Nanotechnology center is providing diversified network of profile center of collective equipment usage and co-investments for new projects.