Alexey Symov

Alexey Symov

Symov.jpg2011 graduate, product development manager at ELINS Company

– Tell a few words about yourself: where do you come from? Why did you decide to choose MIET?

– I was born in the city of Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic, grades 10-11 studied at the local lyceum №18 in physical and mathematical sciences class. After leaving school tried to enter several Moscow universities (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and National Research University of Electronic Technology). I liked MIET the most as it provides modern demanded programs, a good rating of the University, a good campus (compared with other universities).

– You from the Institute of Nano and Microsystem Technology? Why did you decide that this is what you actually want? For what reasons did you choose the program: your own preferences or the prospect of a future profession?

– I graduated from Electronic Technology, Materials and Supply Faculty, there was no Institute of Nano and Microsystem Technology then. I had enough admission scores only for this Chair. Thus I had no choice and actually I couldn`t go wrong! I chose Microsystems Technology Chair and «Design and technology of electronic means» program. This program, I suppose, is the best for future career in our country. In Russia there are many companies that specialize on designing means for spaceships and military weapons and technical equipment as well as for civil needs. It is quite easy for graduates of this program to find a job in the future.

– Tell us a little about what students in this area are studying.

– I can't say with certainty what students in this field are currently studying. When I was a student at MIET we studied everything. Materials of electronic equipment, technology for the production of printed circuit boards, technology for the production of silicon semiconductor wafers, technology for the production of crystals on semiconductors, a little programming, a little circuitry engineering, etc. Thanks to this, graduates have a broad-based knowledge, which is essential in the future when searching and choosing a job.

– What are your first memories after you became a freshman?

– Now I am a student, I must not screw it up and pass the first session.

– What was the most difficult during the study? Did it affect your further studies in the program? Did your study at the university teach you how to overcome difficulties?

– Everything was difficult. A lot of knowledge and information had to be absorbed, from the 2nd year at the same time combine training and part-time job, and from the 4th year at the same time study and work in the degree field. Of course, these difficulties trained my willpower and helped me become what I am now.

– Did you have a favorite subjects? Do you keep in touch with teachers?

– Favorite subjects were those related to the study of CAD MentorGraphics during my Master Degree studies. I keep in touch with the teachers, after graduation I had a part-time job at the department for another 5 years, helping my alma mater.

– Is it known that MIET has an active student life? Did you take part in university activities?

– During the first year, of course I participated in many activities: played for the faculty in football and swimming competitions. Further, with the taking the part-time job, I began to devote less time to this. Mostly I worked, and since the 4th year I already landed a paid position in the specialty.

Let's talk about your career. Was it hard to find work after graduation?

– No, I found work in the 4th year, it was AKTOR company (LLC), later already in the 5th year master course one of the teachers noticed me and offered to work for them at the ELINS company, where I still work as the product development manager. In general, I am pleased with my career development.

– What would you like to wish the future generation of graduates?

– Learn, strive, comprehend everything new, try and remember that diligence and hard work will be rewarded in the future. Know that in the 21st century innovative electronic technology is one of the fundamental and advanced areas.