Kyaw Zaw Ye

Kyaw Zaw Ye

Ye.jpg2009 graduate, Professor, Head of Laboratory of Information and Software Development

– Tell us a few words about yourself. Where are you from? Why did you decide to enter MIET?

– My name is Kyaw Zaw Ye. I was born in Bamo, a beautiful city in the northern part of Myanmar. After leaving school, I decided to join the army and pass the entrance exams to the Academy in Myanmar. Our academic period lasted 3 years. At the academy, I got good grades on exams in computer science and computer technology. Therefore, after the study I was sent to Russia for further training. I studied at the National Research University of Electronic Technology for a Master's degree and entered a PhD program under the tenure of Professor Oleg Lisov and Larisa Gagarina. I decided to enter MIET, because it provides excellent education and modern facilities.

– You are a graduate of Informatics and Software Chair. Why did you decide to choose this program? Tell us a little about what students in this area are studying.

– The Chair program specializes on developing programs, software documentation; managing software life-cycle; using of modern methods, tools and technologies for designing programs; providing the conditions for the industrial implementation of the processes of development, operation and maintenance of system, software and IT technologies for information processing and information management for the needs of the innovative economy of Russia, as well as on the training of a new generation of engineers with design and scientific activities under the guidance of true professionals, scientists and specialists. That`s why I decided to choose this program.

– Before training, all foreign citizens who do not speak Russian must study it for one year at the preparatory course. Tell us a little about your first year in Russia. Was it difficult to live without knowledge of the Russian language? Did your friends help you?

– When I was in Russia, it was difficult to live without knowledge of the Russian language. But we were lucky to meet good teachers of the Russian language, and of course, our elder brothers and Russian friends helped us.

– How did you feel when you became a freshman? Was it hard to study?

– Having arrived at the University, first of all we attended lectures on theory, which contain basic knowledge of the subject. One lecture can last a whole school day. At first it was very hard for us to understand Russian speech, after a while everything was fine.

Anyway, we all know that we, students, have life full of fun. And we do this by participating in various events held within the walls of the University.

– How were the relations with teachers? Who did you remember the most?

– I have a good relationship with all the teachers of my program, and from whom I learned a lot. I especially remember the chairmen and employees of the Informatics and Software Chair, the head and other members of the International relations department.

– Have your expectations of studying at a university been met?

– Totally yes! Although there is no limit to perfection, MIET appeared to be a really good University.

– What subjects do you remember?

– Of course, I remember that I studied operating systems and environments, object-oriented design, a database, theoretical computer science, information technology, applied information theory, CAD software, elements and devices of computer technology and information systems, theory and calculation of electrical circuits, computer networks and telecommunications.

– How has life in Russia influenced your personality?

– Russia was a perfect place where you can get good education and contacts. In recent years, Russia has developed very rapidly. My education and knowledge are very useful for my future life and career.

– You work at home, in Myanmar. Is the employer satisfied with your skills?

– Yes, my employer is very pleased. In Myanmar, I try to practice everything I studied in MIET.

– Would you recommend something to our current students?

– I would like to advise students to try things out whenever they can, reveal their talents, learn new things and gain invaluable experience in organizational and oratory skills, and, of course, become part of a large and friendly team. All events are designed and implemented by the university's student core group. Therefore, appreciate the true student life at MIET.

– Plans for the future. What do you want to achieve?

– Of course there are desires for perspective, but the most important thing I would like to implement innovations, which are still to be fdeveloped.